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Our Story

Our Story

SOLO® entered the scene long before our iconic red cup became a sign of good times with friends and family. Way back in 1936, we led the way in creating an alternative to shared drinking cups, introducing the hygienic cone-shaped paper cup for common rooms. Through the 1950s, the SOLO Cup Company released a variety of paper products, both for home and office.

Since then, we’ve been a frequent guest at all sorts of get-togethers, from birthday parties and wedding receptions to backyard barbecues and Tuesday night dinners. Our legacy also lives on within the foodservice industry, as our products continue to ensure the health and safety of people on-the go.

1936:Paper Snowcones

Paper Snowcones
Cozy Cup

1961: Cozy Cup

1963: Anthora Cup

Anthora Cup
Red SOLO Cup

1972: Red SOLO Cup

1979: SOLO Jazz Cup

SOLO Jazz Cup

THE SOLO family

As the industry evolved, the SOLO Cup Company acquired several other companies and the designs that came with them. Collectively, the design assets have touched generations, delighting the masses at movie theaters, quickie marts, coffee shops and pool parties. The SOLO family of iconic designs includes the snow cone, Cozy cup, popcorn bucket, Anthora cup, Jazz cup and, of course, our classic red SOLO cup.

SOLO® is now a part of Dart Container Corporation, continuing to create food and beverage solutions for home and businesses that are thoughtfully designed for dependable use, delightful delivery and sustainable lifecycle.

The History of the JAZZ pattern

The Jazz pattern was born in 1989

The Jazz design was submitted by a Sweetheart Company employee as part of an internal design contest for a new stock image.

Little did she know that her design would go on to be printed on millions of cups used around the world.

Why purple and turquoise?

The designer chose turquoise because it was her favorite color! And purple simply looks great with turquoise.

The History of the JAZZ pattern

Jazz and SOLO join forces in 2009

The Solo Cup Company acquired SF Holdings, which included the Sweetheart brand and the epic Jazz design, adding another icon to its portfolio.

Bringing 90s pop culture to 2020

Today, you might see our design printed on t-shirts, sweatpants and even cars! You can still purchase Jazz paper plates and cups!

The design has developed a cult following and has amassed fans across the internet.

All about anTHORA

The first ever to-go coffee cup

The cup was created in 1963 by Leslie Buck, Marketing Director of the now-defunct Sherri Cup Co. He was looking for a design that would appeal to the Greek immigrants who owned many New York diners – and he struck steaming black gold with the Anthora coffee cup.

The meaning behind the cup

The blue and white colors pay homage to the Greek flag, while the font is reminiscent of Athenian lettering. Drawing upon Greek history, the cup also features an amphora, or ceramic vessel.

All about anTHORA

Joining SOLO in 2005

SOLO purchased Anthora, which was once dubbed “perhaps the most successful cup in history” by The New York Times.

A cup made for the big screen

The cup has been seen in such films as Wolf of Wall Street and Men in Black and on TV shows shows including NYPD Blue, Nurse Jackie, Castle, Lipstick Jungle, Damages, Mad Men and Law & Order. 

the original red cups

Classic Red SOLO

Launched in 1972, the first plastic SOLO cup was released in red, blue and peach. This classic design continues to be produced and can still be found via our foodservice partners. The lines featured on the cup roughly equal 1, 5 and 12 ounces, and mean something different for everyone!

For some, it means a responsible pour at their next tailgate. For others, it means a more secure grip as they man the grill at the BBQ. And for our little fans, it means they can stack and unstack our cups into a pyramid without them sticking together.

the original red cups

SOLO Squared Red Party Cup

Today, our party cup has no lines and is square-based with four grips to minimize slippage and spills – ready to keep the party rolling.

Whether it’s lines, grips or a square base, every SOLO cup means good times on the horizon!